ETU ry - Edustajat turvapaikanhakijalapsille
   Företrädare för asylsökande barn
   Guardians for asylum seeking children

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Association – priorities and actions

ETU ry is a registered, national associaton serving guardians for unaccompanied minors around Finland. It follows and developes policies related to guardians' activities and duties. Additionally, the association organizes the organisation of guardians as well as improves contexts where guardians operate. The purpose is to enhance the best interests of unaccompanied minors in various ways.

Associations' main tasks include
• follow-up of current development, legislation and instructions
• statements, initiatives, networking
• sharing of knowledge related to the field
• contribution to the education of people working within the field
• advice of guardianship for members of the association
• co-operation with governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as other parties

Co-operation and networking
ETU ry cooperates with governmental and non-governmental organisations within the field:
• The Federation of Special Welfare Organisations
• Finnish Folk High School Association
• Central Union for Child Welfare
• Finnish Immigration Service
• Refugee Advice Centre
• Ministry of the Interior
• The Finnish Red Cross
• Police
• Reception Centres, group homes and family group homes
• The Family Federation
• All Our Children

ETU ry's executive committee and members consists of guardians from different areas of Finland. To be able to stabilize ETU ry, unite guardians as well as standardize policies nationally, it's very important to have as many members as possible.

Membership requirements:
• acception of the purpose and rules of the association
• previous or current work as a guardian under the integration law (Act on the Integration of Immigrants and Reception of Asylum Seekers)
• commitment to the guardian training
As a support member can be accepted a person or society that supports the purpose and activities of the association.

Membership fees:
• members 20 euros / year
• support members 100 euros / year (one-time payment)

If you want to be a member
fill in the: FORM and pay the membership fee.

Presentation: PDF